Saturday, April 25, 2009

House tour

I'm heading off to Taiwan in a few days, but for now, here's a quick tour of my house here in Shinano. Enjoy!


Andrew said...

Wow, Derek! you're doing quite well for yourself over there. That's a REALLY nice house; I love all the sliding doors. You would pay quite a premium in the states for something with that aesthetic. If you don't mind, how much is that running you a month?

Nice setup in the living room too. You should post some new music you're making. And if you're ever up to playing some games on that computer, Ryan has set up a Thursday night (our time - not sure what it is over there) gaming night. We play some Half life, some left 4 dead and a few others when we're not too busy.

Anyway, fantastic house. All the controls everywhere look like a lot of fun.

Andrew said...

Hey, now you've got me considering a trip over there again. Do you have any tips on finding the cheapest airfare? like best time of the year to come, best site to look for rates?

Derek Hurst said...

Hey Andrew, glad you like my digs! Believe it or not I only pay about 90 bucks a month for everything, but the reason its so cheap is because my house is owned by the local board of education.

I actually got the space now if you and Collette wanted to come out. Take a look around right now for some tickets, you may get lucky and find a round trip for under 800. You never know, you could find some for even cheaper. The summer tends to be a good time, one of my friends here got a ticket for 530 round trip last summer. I'm free more or less from the end of July to the end of August.

Ryan said...

"This is Japan, not some third-world country." LOL

Gotta love the weird Japanese toilets. Especially the buttwarmer. :)

That abandoned broken down house next to you is awesome. I would recommend exploring it, but I think the instant you touched anything inside it would collapse and crush you.

Looks like you've got a sweet place!

My name is Mike. said...

Color me a little jealous.

You've got a pretty sweet place out there.