Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another normal Day

Today started off like any other day here, my apartment was a bit cold now that winter is approaching, so I turned on the heater, then I ate some breakfast and left for work. I taught my classes and then at the end of lunchtime, one of the other teachers informed me that none other than Prince Charles of Wales, the future King of England, was in Shinano. At first I thought she was joking around but she showed my a picture she had snapped earlier in the day. I quickly asked around and found that one of my fellow English teachers was interested in seeing him as well, so we hopped in her car and sped off to the tea house where he was going to be. We didn't know if we'd make it but we did. Regrettably, I didn't get to shake his hand although I imagine I'll be pictured somewhere in the English newspapers in the next few days as the incredibly tall person standing in the sea of Japanese people, as the Prince was right in front of me at many points during his brief visit. Here are the photos!
Yeah it was pretty crazy, definitely worth missing an hour of work! In other news, I'll be heading home for Christmas for a couple of weeks, and thanks to the strong Yen I'll have lots of money! See you all soon!

And here is a picture I took yesterday looking over Shinano, very pretty and for good measure.